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HBR found that CEO's who manage sales instead of doing sales outperform their peers by 50-80%?

Learn how we take you out of the sales-seat and replace you with a lead engine, sales engine, and scalable sales organization in 60 days or less [HBR Article]




You Can Be the CEO and not the AE

Have a new Sales Org and Structure Installed to:

  • Stop Saying, defeatedly that, You're "Doing the Best You Can"
  • Stop worrying about the pace of growth
  • Stop feeling like everyone else is scaling like crazy but not you
  • Stop thinking sales is a black-box and you just can't figure it out
  • Stop only taking home $1M each year

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Using our process, which updates every 3 months and is used across industries - you'll have the lead, sales, and strategy engines to take control of your revenue.


The 60-Day Sales System

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Have Your Entire Sales Plan in 1 Excel

Most people will give you a plan divided by 12, but that's not how it works in reality

  • Financial Model: Turn your revenue goal in your head into a monthly plan with a minimum 5x ROI built in
  • Performance Model: Track how we are trending in every area of sales, not just revenue, so we can tweak and improve
  • Compensation Model:  Adjust compensation to ensure 5x ROI, build in a ramping model and track rep commissions in less than 15 minutes a month.
  • Strategy: Know not only how much revenue you want to make, divided by 12, but how many people to go after, who, when, and with what approach

Get 10+ Leads a Month - Every Month

You can't get to phase 2 of your business until you generate outbound leads

  • Prospects:  Get a verified list of 1000's of people, their contact info, and personalized information about them
  • Sequences:  Put all of those people through sequences that are currently generating me personally 15 meetings a month and mostly automated
  • Program:  Do this differently - instead of blasting everyone from your domain, have a program setup that ensures 100% deliverability

Stop Being the Sales Rep

Once you have a repeatable process, you can have someone else repeat it:

  • CRM: Get your CRM setup properly so you can install a sales process and track results
  • Script: Custom script developed for you and your customers, so someone else can do the selling for you
  • Onboarding: Have an automated onboarding program that walks any new hires through your organization, product, and how to sell - only requiring 2 hours of your time

Don't Become a Sales Manager

CEO's make the worst sales managers - let's fix that. 

  • Hiring: Job description, compensation plan, job posting, hiring scorecard, sourcing, and interviewing
  • Management: Weekly team meetings, weekly individual deal coaching sessions, call feedback, running commissions, and running monthly business reviews with you
See For Yourself

This System Is For You If...

  • You have no head of sales
  • Are under 50 Employees
  • Sell software or services
  • Are in Canada or the US
  • Have less than 20% growth YoY

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