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Are You Tired of the Endless Cycle of Adjusting Your Pitch and Trying to Get Better in Sales?

Imagine having access to proven scripts and the exact training I give sales reps today that work across every industry and niche, tested in over 300 different fields…

Never Struggle with having 100 techniques in your head while you’re talking with a prospect.

This toolkit was designed to take the guesswork out of selling. These scripts and techniques have been used by over 1,000 sales reps in 300 industries and 20 countries, including major companies like John Deere, Salesforce, Telecom, Cybersecurity, and Solar.

They’ve paid thousands of dollars for these techniques and scripts and have seen millions in return. And now, you can get these same results without the hefty price tag.


Here’s What You Get

Sales Prospecting Training

Proven cold call scripts, LinkedIn voice notes to prepare prospects for buying, Specific voicemail techniques to prompt callbacks and more

Sales Discovery Training

Master groundbreaking discovery techniques that elicit the truth from prospects, including three essential rules to ensure successful discoveries.

Sales Demo Training

Keep your prospect’s attention and
Ensure you are the only option for your prospects by consistently highlighting pain points.

Continuosly Updated Content + 100% Guarantee

All scripts and are continuously updated + you get all of them


Get the Experience of Joining My Personal Training

The $10M Selling Toolkit combines the current Challenger-Style Script with the top three most impactful trainings that thousands have gone through, each designed to elevate your sales game with exclusive strategies, secret methods, and psychological techniques.

What's in the Trainings?

These are the exact techniques I use for my clients, and I've made it simple so anyone can do it.

The Cheat Code to Discovery

  • Master groundbreaking discovery techniques that elicit the truth from prospects.
  • Follow three essential rules to ensure successful discoveries.
  • Enhance your discovery sessions with critical techniques.
  • Drive significant pain points in your prospects using two key methods.

Persuasive Demo Mastery

  • Keep your prospect’s attention with an age-old trick.
  • Use a two-sentence framework to make your demos engaging.
  • Intrigue even the most stubborn prospects with a unique value proposition.
  • Ensure you are the only option for your prospects by consistently highlighting pain points.
  • Simplify yet sophisticate your demo for easy explanation to decision-makers.


Prospecting Sales Course

  • Utilize proven cold call scripts tested over 15,000 times.
  • Leverage LinkedIn voice notes to prepare prospects for buying.
  • Use specific voicemail techniques to prompt callbacks.
  • Discover a secret method to drive email replies.

Exclusive Triple-R Technique

Learn the proprietary 'Triple-R Technique,' unique to this bundle, proven to triple your response rates within 30 days.


What You'll Achieve


Reduction of Your Sales Cycles Starting Today Through Simple Techniques


Increase in Your Win Rates Within Your First 30 Days Using My Simple Strategies


Increase of Your Average Deal Size by Learning How to Negotiate Properly


Access to My 3 Secret Steps You Need to Take to Become Your Prospects Only Option

Plus Get These 3 Exciting New Bonuses For 100% Free

If You Purchase The 10M Prospecting System Right Now!

Bonus #1: OSC Sales Wikipedia

  • Get answers to every sales, management, and VP-related question in 4 seconds with in-depth videos. Adding 90 new videos monthly.
  • Access to a growing library of content, valued initially at $2000 but now available for $185.

Bonus #2: Create Massive Sense Of Urgency With The SOFU Method

  • Receive 10 secret fill-in-the-blank messages to create urgency and close deals immediately.
  • Learn how to add 30% more revenue at the end of the quarter with done-for-you emails.
  • Use a preloaded spreadsheet with messages tailored to different lead situations, backed by research and tested in over 300 industries.

Bonus #3: $100 Discount OFF Group Coaching!

If you’ve ever saved a single video of mine or used a single technique, you know how powerful it can be when you make even a small change that you saw on social media.

Now imagine having access to 16 sessions a month with no more than 2-3 other people in them. 

If we fast forwarded a year and you had 25 sessions to ask me anything, 50 training sessions, and 25 sessions to talk through individual deals and push them forward - what’re 1-2 things that would be different?

Now imagine if we did 2x that - because that’s what you get with the group coaching. 

Most common way these meetings start is “Hey Mike, remember that deal we were talking about? It worked! He’s back on the line and we’re moving forward” or “Hey Mike - that guy ended up signing after I said what you recommended!”

What is inside the coaching and community:

  • Get Access To Me 8 Hours/Month With 16 Meetings You Can Jump Into To Skyrocket Your Skills
  • Office Hours Every Monday At 3:30 EST
  • Training Every Tuesday At 9:00 EST
  • Training Every Wednesday At 4:15 EST
  • Deal Coaching Every Thursday At 12:30 EST
  • Immediate Access To 20+ Private Documents That No One Has Access To Outside Of The Community
  • Ongoing Access To All Training Documents + Updates
  • Ongoing Access To All Training Recordings - Watch Back The Trainings In Your Own Time
  • Unlimited Public Or Private Call-Coaching - If You Have An Embarrassing Question… We’ll Go Private
  • Unlimited Chat Questions, Private Or Public To Get My Quick Opinion On Your Problems/Ideas
  • Unlimited Email Questions, Private Or Public To Get My Quick Opinion On Your Problems/Ideas
  • Unlimited Bccing Of Me On Your Emails For Email Feedback To Get My Quick Opinion On Your Problems/Ideas
  • My Cell-Phone To Ask Unlimited Private Questions Over SMS Or Call - Get The Quickest Way To Get Hold Of Me
  • Access To Exclusive Discounts On All Products - 20% Off On Everything
  • Access To A Community Of An Ever Growing (1,500+) Others! The Best Networking Community Out There

Additional Benefits:

  • Access to an exclusive sales community of 1000+ professionals.
  • Objection handling flashcards.
  • Money-Tracker to see how you’re pacing towards your financial goals

Gain lifetime access and updates to our dynamic community, continuously evolving with top sales experts worldwide.

You Also Get An Amazing, No-Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Order your bundle today and use it as if you own it. If you’re not completely satisfied, keep everything, and I’ll personally refund your purchase price, no questions asked. 

Even if you love it, but just need the money back for any reason - you got it - no questions asked refund on the spot.

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Hit Your First $10M with Over $4,500 Worth of Proven Prospecting Scripts, Tools and Coaching for just $299...That's INSANE!

The Discovery Call Fill-in-The-Blank Outline

That Will Make YOU The Prospects Only Choice With This Secret Psychology Method

Demo Call Template

A Demo call template that even Jeremy Miner would be jealous of!

Proposal Call Fill-in-The-Blank Outline Including:

"How To Negotiate Like The Best Salesman In Your Company”

Groundbreaking Discovery Techniques

How To Get Anyone To Tell You The Truth Even When They Want To Lie

How to Drive Massive Pain in Your Prospects

Use These 2 Techniques to Drive Movement in Them By Figuring Out What Their Secret Keys Are Before You Go Into Any Demo

2 Event Emails

To Ensure You Meet Your Prospect And Close Them In Real Life

Make it Easy For Prospects to Explain Your Value To The Decision Maker

How to Dumb - Down Your Demo And Make it Sophisticated at The Same Time… and many more

LinkedIn Voice Notes

Send This Exact Voice Note to Make Your Prospect Ready-To-Buy

2 LinkedIn Scripts

To Make Your Leads Open Up To You And Make You The Only Option - Send This Exact Video If You Want To Seal The Deal

Voicemail Scripts

Prospect Didn’t Pick Up Your Call? Send This Voicemail To Make Them Call You Back 15 Times

The Two Best Done-For-You Cold Call Templates

Build Rapport Quicker And Even With The Most Stubborn Leads

OSC Sales Wikipedia



Create Massive Sense Of Urgency With The SOFU Method


$100 Discount For Monthly Group Coaching


The $10M Selling Toolkit!

Witness jaw-dropping results and join the ranks of those who’ve seen up to a 36% increase in closing rates. Ready to level up your sales game? Hit that buy button and watch your success soar!



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